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We have so many puppy people asking how to groom the puppies, where to go and who’s the best. We can not point you to any one groomer, but I’ll post a few that I know of in the area we have puppies going to. Whom ever you choose please be sure you leave with an idea of the grooming that is to be done and the cost. Not good when you pick up and you do not even know it’s your dog any longer or the cost was way more then you thought it was going to be. Look around the shop, yes there can be dog hair all over but if you feel uncomfortable with the answers your getting you may choose to go somewhere else, getting referrals from other dog owners works well too. Look around at other dogs and keep pictures of the styles that you may like you puppy to look like. Talk to the groomer, they know grooming and what may or may not work for your puppy.

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