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Frequently Asked Questions.....

How old does my puppy have to be before he can go to the pet store with me?

Your puppy may not have all of his/her shots/vaccinations yet! It’s very important to have ALL of these done before exposing him to the areas that may have germs. Even then,  you should be watchful of where your puppy is playing, germs can be very harmful to tiny puppies.

When is the right time to potty train my new puppy?

As soon as they are comfortable in their new crate and has had a few hours to settle in.. Get started … Remember that puppies have small tummies and bladders, meaning he’s going to need to go out a lot more. Each morning he should be let go in the yard in the same place each time ASAP after waking up! About 15 mins after each feeding he will have to be taken out again. You and your new puppy will have to learn the schedule together. Watch for the signs. Remember that accidents will happen and it’s not going to be the puppies fault, it’s yours for not getting them outside. Never scream and never hit the puppies!

All pets should be getting a yearly check-up with a licensed veterinarian. The health check given by the vet is to check the over-all health of your puppy and to give the booster shots to keep him healthy. The shots are to help the puppy build up an immune system against diseases.

When you have your first visit with your veterinarian, ask them. Not all puppies are “fixed” at the same age. Some puppies may be a little young just yet and need to grow. Your Vet will know when is the right time for your puppy.

Feeding the new puppy from the table will only cause him to have a really bad TUMMY ACHE! People food will cause him to get the “runs” and may even end in death! It only takes a little to get puppies sick from people food! Stay with the food that we have given you or the food that your vet wants you to be feeding. Happy puppy, Happy you.

The puppy should be going to sleep in his crate in a quite area. The crate should be covered on 3 sides. He should have been fed early enough to have done his business outside and have had some play time. When the family is ready to rest for the night ..Potty the puppy, take away any food, (Check with your vet that’s he’s old enough for not having food/water at night), place him in the crate and leave him; not making a fuss about this. Puppies learn very fast that you’ll answer them each time they cry. DO NOT answer them! If it gets too bad, put a old towel in the dryer to warm up, place it in the crate then walk away . The puppy will soon learn that your not going to answer anymore and settle down for the night.

Occasionally we will meet half way to del. your new puppy. There is a delivery fee for this.

If the puppies is very young it may Not be old enough to have the flea and tick medication applied to the back of shoulder areas. The VET will tell you when it’s ok for this. DO NOT GIVE A LARGER DOSE THEN THE WEIGHT CALLED FOR!!! IT WOULD HARM YOUR PUPPY.. a flee and tick bath may be needed. Next SPRAY the yard with a flea and tick killer. Pellets or spray.

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